Edward C. Lee - Chairman and CEO
Founder, CEO and CIO, Hestia Investments, Inc.

Edward C. Lee is an entrepreneur and veteran investment banker with over 25 years of experience in investment banking and managing emerging growth for public and private companies in the United States and greater China.

Edward was also the former Chairman and CEO of World Financial Service Inc. (Taiwan ) and a Co-Founder and Executive Managing Director of Goldman International Inc. (Taiwan). Additionally, he was also a Co-Founder of the New York Flushing Chinese Business Association (FCBA), a distinguished non-profit community association in the United States.

John Z. Lin, MD - Vice President of Business Development

John received his MD degree in pharmacology from Fudan University, Medical School, Shanghai China, and his MS degree from Peking Union Medical University in Beijing, China. He started his business career as research associate for the National Institute for the Control of Pharmaceuticals & Biological Products, Beijing, China.

He moved to the USA in 1989 and worked as a research lab manager/senior RA at Louisiana State University, and later at MD Anderson Cancer Center, University of Texas. He also received an MBA degree from the University of Houston, Victoria, Texas.

Starting in the year 2001, John entered the business world as partner and senior executive for biotech and pharmaceutical companies in the USA and China. He possesses comprehensive skills and extensive experience in business development and administration fields for emerging growth companies in the biotech, healthcare and pharmaceuticals sectors.

He is the Chairman of US-CHINA Federal Association Of Business Councils, a Non Profit Organization in Houston,Texas, from 2005 to the present.

Robin Hult - Vice President of Finance
CFO of Hestia Investments, Inc.

Robin Hult brings more than 30 years of experience as a CPA to the company. He is an expert in financial statements, business valuation, tax compliance, and the analysis of business and real estate opportunities.

Mr. Hult has been a CPA for Price Waterhouse & Co., and has both audited and been a business advisor for several large, publicly traded companies. He was also formerly the CFO for Bakken Acquisitions and Investments, Inc, and The National Alternative Fuel Foundations.



Bruse M. Wang - Senior Managing Director - Hestia Investments, Inc.

Bruse Wang started his business career as a newspaper reporter covering finance and economics in Taiwan. He worked for the Taiwan Stock Exchange, Taiwan Depository and Clearing, and later, as the Taiwan Stock Exchange's Chairman's Office Special Assistant.

He then entered the private sector and served as VP for Polaris Securities Group, later becoming a senior executive for some established companies.

Bruse brings strong business relationships in the Greater China Region and excellent insights into our company. He is the head of our Taiwan office.

Loretta Lee - Director of Corporate Affairs

Loretta brings in more than 20 years of experience in Corporate Formation and Professional Secretary Services. She has worked for OCRA, Sovereign Trust, and Mossack & Fonsecca. She also founded GFCP International Services Ltd. in 2011 and served as Executive Director.

Echo Lin - Co-Founder of Hestia Investments, Inc. Managing Director

Echo Lin is active in the steel trade and financial industry in China. She earned her college degree in Japan and has a wealth of market development, investment, and financial management experience.

She is also the co-founder of the Blue-Confidant brand.