Company Mission

With its core business focus on the biotech and healthcare sectors, Hestia Insight Inc. (“Hestia Insight”) provides hands-on and focused corporate advisory services to growing private and public companies through an experienced business perspective. Our expertise includes assisting private and public companies and entrepreneurs on a broad range of U.S. capital markets transactions and investment opportunities across an array of industries and sectors. Our extensive experience in business operations, corporate finance, and M&A matters, and assisting companies with going public in the U.S., enables Hestia Insight to provide real-time assistance to private and public companies, allowing our clients to achieve their goals in a cost-effective manner. Assuming the role of corporate advisor to all of our clients, we assimilate ourselves into their operations in order to gain a true business perspective and understanding of their operational needs, so that we may provide focused and balanced corporate advisory services.

Focusing on exciting small to mid-sized private and public companies which represent interesting opportunities to investors, Hestia Insight understands the importance of ROI and growth within an ever-changing market. And for private companies seeking to go public, we assist with all the required support to go public in the U.S. through our unique turnkey solution.

Vision Statement

It is vital to be in the moment and focused when it comes to the projects we have in front of us, but we also understand how important it is to know where we are going in the future. So we strive to maintain a balance between adapting to unexpected shorter term volatility while keeping in mind our longer term vision for the biotech and healthcare sectors.  

Our network and relationships are primarily located in the U.S., but our reach stretches around the globe, enabling us to source deals and investment from Asia, Europe, the Mid-East and Latin America. This global vison allows Hestia Insight to open market expansion opportunities for our clients. The healthcare and biotech sectors will continue to grow, and Hestia Insight will be there as a primary solution for corporate advisory services.

Business Description

Hestia Insight represents an all-encompassing solution for healthcare and biotech companies that require expert financial, business, and management consulting services. Our strategic financing approach ranges from seed capital through growth stage equity financings to mezzanine debt financings. At the later stages in a company’s life cycle, we can assist with identifying various attractive exit options for companies and investors that are customized to each company’s goals, including strategic acquisitions, mergers, and initial public offerings.

Our aim and overall business philosophy is to walk in lockstep and hand-in-hand with growing companies that are ready to enter the next stage of their growth while helping them manage their various corporate needs. We take a blended approach of sales, marketing, and capital market guidance, all of which are intended to maximize the ROI of our clients and their investors. Not only are we capable of aiding companies in the present, but every solution is geared toward preparing them for the future.

Our operations office is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, with representative offices in New York, Shanghai, and Taipei.